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Equity Advocates

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Thank you for joining 


  • An advocate is someone who recognizes that we do not live in a just society.

  • Advocates are not comfortable with the status quo and are willing to promote equality, social justice, social inclusion, and human rights.  Advocacy requires great courage and a willingness to renew that commitment each day.  Advocating for equity is more than being open to new ideas or appreciating diversity. It requires more than just creating a safe space. While these things are good first steps in embracing an equity mindset, dedicated advocacy requires a willingness to stand up and speak out on behalf of others whenever and wherever injustice exists.

  • As equity advocates, we must continually reflect on how we show up. We need to be aware of how our backgrounds, experiences, cultures, and identities influence our society as a whole. Issues such as racism, bias, and discrimination are not going to subside unless advocates, like you affirm and reaffirm your commitment to confronting injustice. We must be intentional about participating in the meaningful dialog that educates others and raises awareness about equity issues throughout society and within our own personal lives.

  • Here at the Detroit Urban League, we believe in equity for all through daily inclusive actions. One inclusive action is to give financially to the Detroit Urban League at a variety of levels.

  • Your gift to the Detroit Urban League will serve your community today and help build a better, more equitable future tomorrow.


Equity Advocate Levels:

$25          Senior/Youth Membership

$50          Equity Ally

$100        Empower Squad

$500        Social Justice Crusader

$1,000     Champion of Change

  • Overarching benefits include a digital membership card, quarterly communications via a digital newsletter, invitations to events & activities, and recognition listing in our Annual Report

  • Equity Advocates at the $500 and $1,000 levels will also receive an annual phone call from a DUL Board Member and recognition in our quarterly communications

  • Equity Advocates at the $1,000 and up level will receive one ticket to our Salute for Distinguished Warriors annual event


Do you have questions or feedback? Contact Jarvis Richardson, Vice President of Development & Special Events, at or 313-831-5573


Thank you for advocating for equity today through a gift that is meaningful to you.  Your support will address health, educational, social, and economic inequalities through promoting social change in the African American community.  We could not accomplish this work without you by our side.

Equity Advocate
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Let's Make A Change

Here are some ways you can donate:

In Person

Main Office

208 Mack Ave.

Detroit, MI  48201


Family Development Ctr.

15770 James Couzens

Detroit, MI  48238


Make a tax deductible donation‏.

Over the Phone

It's easy to donate offline too.

Tel: 313-832-4600 or 313-831-5573

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